Art from God

As a Women’s Ministries program, I provided tomato plants for everyone to take home and plant. I knew immediately
I would be planting mine in what was intended as a flower bed, right off the porch. I picked this spot not because I thought,”wow, wouldn’t tomatoes  look great here!” No, it was for the uber soil that will grow just about anything. I haven’t grown any veggies in a long time and wanted them to have a fighting chance.

Week after week, I have watched the plants grow and the tomatoes change from the size of a rubber bouncy ball to the size of my fist. Since the rabbits that live under the porch seem to like to chew up tender plants(the sunflowers didn’t stand a chance) I wondered if these would make it.

So here are my first bounty of the fabulous art only God could create. We had fried green tomatoes. Yum!033


One Response to “Art from God”

  1. parknslide Says:

    Congrats on the blog. You are off to a good start. Your tomatoes look fabulous! Can’t wait to see your art work too.

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