Twinchie Heaven

I just finished swapping out the inchie on a twinchie swap and I thought I would share just a portion of the wonderful twinchies I received.  I was so impressed!!  There was a fabulous variety of art. Different styles, techniques….

It is raining on the porch today but it’s sunny here at the kitchen table!


Group 1 (left to right)

Row 1  arubberstamper-Robin Moore, lilacdreamer-Lynn Legge, pugs99-Phyllis Rollins, jmarul-Joyce Marshall

Row 2  jmarul-Joyce Marshall, nubin-Nancy Hinkle, Rosie NJ, flarobyn-Robyn Fergeson

Row 3  pugs-Phyllis Rollins, setes4-Liz Dewitt, bethyblue-Loretta Mecredi-Burns, letmecrop-Debi

Row 4  queenofinkland, joystamp4-Joy Baker, arubberstamper-Robin Moore, pugs99-Phyllis Rollins


Group 2

Row 1  justonemore-Diana McElheran, normat-Norma Thompson, justonemore-Diana McElheran, queenofinkland

Row 2 parknslide-Paulette Akagi, Lisa Cox, scrappermama, suji-Susan Thompson

Row3 seeingme-Stephanie Sawka, suji-Susan Thompson, Janelle Larson, Justonemore-Diana McElheran

Row4 cloudia, rosieNJ, normat-Norma Thompson, Lisa Cox

And those that dangle:

Left to right: kerbean-Karen Kirby, chez-lara-Lara Cottrill, chez-lara-Lara Cottrill, chez-lara-Lara Cottrill, cloudia

janellelarson-Jan Larson, glittergalore-Christy



3 Responses to “Twinchie Heaven”

  1. Lisa Cox Says:

    These look so great Dena. I cant wait to see what I get back:) Thanks for hosting this great swap. Love them all:)
    Thanks for including some of mine:)

  2. Phyllis in Elgin Says:

    Outstanding, the dangles are stunning!
    So glad I took part in your swap, it’s so cool to see some of my art on your blog, I’m thrilled.

  3. Diane Says:

    ah, dena, these are so fantastic! Wish I ahd been in on the swap just to play with the beauties 🙂 I am sure you had fun with these.

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