For a little Halloween fun a group of friends and I did altered mousetraps…see what you think!

001003Both of these traps used images of one of my *favorite * artists, Gil Elvgren.  No one has done pin ups as well as him!

004This image is of the quite creepy outfit that physicians would wear to protect themselves during the black plague.


3 Responses to “Mousetraps”

  1. inkthisstampthat Says:

    Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to alter a mousetrap. Now I need to go to the hardware store and buy one. Halloween is the perfect theme for these, and each one is incredible! I love them all….

  2. Parknslide Says:

    Wow! What a great object to alter and these are magnificent. Did you dedicate them to your little friendly visitors from a year or so ago—was it Tommy, the mouse.

  3. Phyllis in Elgin Says:

    Thanks for posting these, I have been so stumped, I needed a nudge of some kind!

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