My first stab at jewelry

I felt intimidated by this jewelry swap, but the lure of it was too great!

So here are my lovelies~

These are both made with paper beads.

Finished off with microbeads.

The earrings on the right include my favorite go to in text-a Nancy Drew book.

And the last two:

Not sure if the pic shows it clear enough but the earrings on the left are tiny snippets of German text and a even tinier pic of a woman and a little boy.

The earrings on the right seem to be the favorite of folks. I don’t think my pics does the colors justice on these. The wrapped beaded ones are a sea foam green that is pearly.


2 Responses to “My first stab at jewelry”

  1. Judy Says:

    I love the earrings!! I would like to place an order for some earrings. Thank you! =)

  2. bekah Says:

    OH MY GOSH. Don’t be intimidated. Those are GORGEOUS.

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