Blue Christmas

I know Valentine’s Day is peeking around the corner, but I just sorta wanted to linger in Christmas  this year. Christmas was……odd, this year. Work schedules, etc. But I found my living room a wonderful retreat this year. After many years of a deep forest green living room, I decided to go a very beachy, light color a couple of years ago. I bought a new tree, new decorations(most I made) and I loved it-so much I left my Christmas tree and decorations up way past the time you should this year.

Tammy, here is the living room that I kept saying I would show you…:)

I shopped all over looking for blue poinsettias-I even called florists-and can you believe I found them at K Mart??

I used a few twinchies  to decorate with.

The blue lights and bulbs are in my fireplace. I don”t often use the fireplace and it seemed a perfect place to bring a little light and color in.

I love this picture of Pat and I from our cruise to Alaska.:)


2 Responses to “Blue Christmas”

  1. Phyllis Rollins Says:

    Lovely, and imagine my delight to see my “Peace on Earth Twinchie” .
    I love your “Blue Christmas” look.

  2. NormaJ Says:

    I love your Christmas blues. And using little pieces of art around makes
    it special and yours. What a neat idea. Good choices.

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