30 days of art containers

For anyone who is serious about art making or crafting knows that what you put your supplies in is a big deal.

how much time do we spend organizing…


and reorganizing.

I absolutely love to mess with my supplies. Sometimes I enjoy looking and getting my hands on my stuff as much as I do making art with them!

So that brings me to the next 30 days.   I want to share with you what I keep my supplies in. While some folks may have neat, organized plastic bins that are labeled alphabetically, I don’t. I like non-traditional storage.  I like things that are pretty, weird, inspiring, antique.

So here is day #1

These drawers actually hold a ton of things-alcohol inks, scrabble tiles, beads, inchie blanks, milk caps, wire, jewelry parts, sand paper, German scrap bits, lace, brads,and the list goes on….

But the best part is the front of each drawer holds a twinichie! Some are made by me others made by some of my talented friends.

Are you displaying your art?


5 Responses to “30 days of art containers”

  1. Donna Says:

    great idea! I used some of mine to decorate my laptop. I am building a collage on the lid.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Love, love, love it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Deb in Magnolia Says:

    OMG! Are you kidding me? That Twinchie drawer idea is the Best! And the bottle cap basket – – Da Bomb. Did you know the idea started in Africa? I’ve always wanted one too. I’ve been saving my bottle caps in hopes I could one day improvise my own version. (I’m a big dreamer. LOL) I’m floored at how much we have in common. I like to visualize my supplies too. Thanks for the great photos.

  4. bekah Says:

    What a beauty…but I have to be honest…I don’t spend enough time organizing…I have crap everywhere! and I can’t find ANYTHING. It’s frustrating to know I have something but not be able to find it.

    But I do know what you mean by liking to play with stuff…even if you’re only looking at it. I do that sometimes with my ribbons and papers and stamps….and the many cards I’ve gotten back in swaps.

  5. dora evatt Says:

    I love this idea, I love to recycle and buying new things are not always in my budget, so I offend look for ways to put to use other things I was soooooooooo luck one day I was going to the store and saw an old military filing cabinet that would hold typing paper ,forms and other stuff. It has 3 drawers across and 10 down.The lady said I could have it if I could take it away before her husband saw it. I DID went home spray painted it white made labels and now I keep all the stamps, stamp pads,paper,and all kinds of little thing that would easy get lost.I will now look for an old soda creat so that I to can put my paints in it.
    thanks for the ideas

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