Day Two-Coke crate revisited

I originally saw this idea several years ago in a magazine and my friend, Tammy, bought herself a crate and stored her paints in it.  I finally got one for myself.  Only rarely was I using paint because it was stored in a cardboard box that was falling apart under my bed–and I like my supplies out where I can see them.

I like the rainbow-ish look of these.

Hope to paint more….


4 Responses to “Day Two-Coke crate revisited”

  1. Deb in Magnolia Says:

    Love this idea too. Believe it or not, I actually had one of these Coke crates thinking “I might do something with it someday.” Who knew!
    Off to dig that old dusty crate out of storage. Yikes, I hope I can find it.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    This is fabulous, I need one of these! What a great idea!

  3. bekah Says:

    What a wonderful and colorful idea! I love it.

  4. dora evatt Says:

    I’m going on the look out for a creat thanks for the idea

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