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Day Fourteen-Moon, Stars and Bling

March 24, 2010

 This  is an altered tin a friend of mine, Cloudia, from Splitcoast, sent to me.

Wonderful for holding bling.

I have yet to venture into the world of  polymer clay.

* my budget is glad!


Day Thirteen-Ashtray Repurposed

March 17, 2010

OK…I have cheated a bit…it’s not literally the thirteenth day…

This is another thrift store find. The Salvation Army can not sell ashtrays and I thought this

was way too pretty to let it go.

I have never smoked, but I kinda picture some classy lady from the 40’s using this ashtray. Heck, I don’t even know if I have the right era, but it’s what I see in my mind.

I think my use for the ashtray is much healthier than it’s original purpose.

My  inchies (mostly) were ones I made for a “love is in the air” swap on atc’s for all.

Day Twelve-For the Little Things

March 10, 2010

Tiny bottles for tiny things.

Seed beads

embossing powder


The Button Winner!

March 9, 2010

a focus from everything to clothing lines, children’s books (Corduroy), jewelery, scrapping, crafting, quilting, sayings “button your mouth” and “buttons and bows and twinkle toes”, Song titles (Pussycat Dolls), Mother-goose nursery rhymes- Buttons, a farthing a pair!                                                   
Come, who will buy them of me?
They’re round and sound and pretty,
And fit for girls of the city.
Come, who will buy them of me?
Buttons, a farthing a pair!

me me me I will buy them and swim in them and play with them…

they really are a part of our culture, our heritage, our traditions

I love buttons and all they stand for me! My Grandma who inspired me to sew, my mother who taught me to sew, and who also taught me the love of crafting and showing me the path to my creative side and for encouraging me to express it. And because of these women and their buttons helped me find the strength in womanhood and a hidden talent in me……     Pinkprincess

Congrats, Pinkprincess! Please send me your address and the pretty buttons are yours! *you can pm me on Splitcoast if you like*

THANK YOU to everyone who shared your stories and thoughts. I appreciated reading all of them!

Day Eleven-Suitcase of Art

March 9, 2010

Most people who collect atc’s put them in binders, mine however, are in this suitcase.

I like the idea of rummaging through them….not knowing what treasure will be unearthed.

Day Ten-Cup of Flutter

March 8, 2010

One of the added bonuses of being a member of the Salvation Army is I get to spend a lot of time in the thrift store. (Doesn’t hurt that Lara is the warehouse manager!)

Again, that pang of nostalgia hit me when I saw this set of coffee mugs. When I was a little girl we had these same mugs. They hung on these wooden pegs in the kitchen.

I bought them to of course drink out of. Unfortunately, the handle on this one had been previously glued and it didn’t make it intact to my home. I was disappointed but decided the cup wouldn’t be bound for the trash.

The flutterby cup now holds water for when I paint.

I think it’s new home on my table fits quite nicely, don’t you?

Day Nine-Basket of Culture

March 8, 2010

So you might be thinking, hey Dena, there aren’t any art supplies here!


Not in the typical sense.

What this basket does hold for me is inspiration.

a broken head, too pretty to throw away

a silver spoon

rocks collected in Honduras

a broken Chinese back scratcher

a stone with a Kokopelli Indian on it,

given to me by my uncle

a stone used in a prayer ceremony

Day Eight-Treasure Rediscovered

March 4, 2010

When I was a little girl my mother used to keep my sister Tonya’s and I barrettes in this tin.  It wasn’t a fancy tin…as a matter of fact I *think* it maybe originally had some holiday food (cheeses, sausages) from Hickory Farms in it.

We grow up, move, decided we are too big for pink and yellow plastic barrettes….the box went away, maybe sold in a rummage sale, can’t say I really know it’s fate.

Fast forward 20 some odd years.

I am at a neighborhood auction. I stand for hours watching the items go up for bid, hands raised, auctioneer lingo being shared with the crowd. I bought a few things (I really love auctions) and the auction was ready to close. If you have ever been to an auction they will often group cheap mismatched items in a box and sell the box for something ridiculous, like a dollar or something.

Then I see it.

In a box.

Of someone else’s box.

The little barrette tin. The one that set between my knees while I sat on the floor in front of my mother, pulling. pulling, my hair up into prefect pony tails. Barrettes to hold those poker straight strands of my hair back……

I had to have it.

Nostalgia took over.

I would offer to buy the tin from the box of junk the man had just bought. But what if he said no? How bad would it stink to be that close to a part of my childhood and then be told no? I tried to play it off all cool like when I offered him a dollar for the tin, but inside my heart was racing. I wanted that tin. I really wanted that tin.

And to my utter relief, the guy shrugs and gladly takes my dollar-the same price he paid for the entire box.

My little box doesn’t hold barrettes anymore.  It holds wooden beads.

But all I have to do is run my fingers across the bumpy lid of the treasure box  and I can be that little girl sitting between my mother’s knees having her hair pulled up for the day.

Day Seven-The Epicenter

March 3, 2010

If you asked what is one storage container you can’t live without-it would hands down be this.

This is the Making Memories desktop carousel.

You would be AMAZED at how much you can fit into this thing.




friendly plastic

crop a dile


paint brushes




just to name a few…

BUT the prized possession that lives in my carousel….

My origami nuns made by Deb Moon.

Love my sisters!

Day Six-Blue Drawers

March 2, 2010

This is my little tower of happy.

It’s a wooden frame and the drawers are ceramic(and a little heavy too)

The flash made the middle drawer look yellow,but it’s not.

This holds little things-flea market jewelry, tiny flowers, jewelry parts.

But the best part is my “eye” brought back from Greece by my sister in law, Stephanie. It ‘s supposed to ward off the evil eye! 🙂