Day Seven-The Epicenter

If you asked what is one storage container you can’t live without-it would hands down be this.

This is the Making Memories desktop carousel.

You would be AMAZED at how much you can fit into this thing.




friendly plastic

crop a dile


paint brushes




just to name a few…

BUT the prized possession that lives in my carousel….

My origami nuns made by Deb Moon.

Love my sisters!


5 Responses to “Day Seven-The Epicenter”

  1. Deb in Texas Says:

    Awww…you’re so kind. Very cool that you found the perfect “pedestal” for the sistahs. hehehe There’s a story behind that paper – I had the hardest time finding two sided black and white. Finally improvised.
    Great carousel!

  2. nancy Says:

    Aren’t these handy, I have one too. I had a thing made to go into the center and it holds my paint brushes 🙂

  3. mimsymarie Says:

    love the nuns!

  4. Loretta Says:

    The nuns are adorable!

  5. Diane T Says:

    are you sure those nuns are not penguins? they sook suspiciously similar!! lol

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