Day Eight-Treasure Rediscovered

When I was a little girl my mother used to keep my sister Tonya’s and I barrettes in this tin.  It wasn’t a fancy tin…as a matter of fact I *think* it maybe originally had some holiday food (cheeses, sausages) from Hickory Farms in it.

We grow up, move, decided we are too big for pink and yellow plastic barrettes….the box went away, maybe sold in a rummage sale, can’t say I really know it’s fate.

Fast forward 20 some odd years.

I am at a neighborhood auction. I stand for hours watching the items go up for bid, hands raised, auctioneer lingo being shared with the crowd. I bought a few things (I really love auctions) and the auction was ready to close. If you have ever been to an auction they will often group cheap mismatched items in a box and sell the box for something ridiculous, like a dollar or something.

Then I see it.

In a box.

Of someone else’s box.

The little barrette tin. The one that set between my knees while I sat on the floor in front of my mother, pulling. pulling, my hair up into prefect pony tails. Barrettes to hold those poker straight strands of my hair back……

I had to have it.

Nostalgia took over.

I would offer to buy the tin from the box of junk the man had just bought. But what if he said no? How bad would it stink to be that close to a part of my childhood and then be told no? I tried to play it off all cool like when I offered him a dollar for the tin, but inside my heart was racing. I wanted that tin. I really wanted that tin.

And to my utter relief, the guy shrugs and gladly takes my dollar-the same price he paid for the entire box.

My little box doesn’t hold barrettes anymore.  It holds wooden beads.

But all I have to do is run my fingers across the bumpy lid of the treasure box  and I can be that little girl sitting between my mother’s knees having her hair pulled up for the day.


5 Responses to “Day Eight-Treasure Rediscovered”

  1. Deb in Texas Says:

    Oh my goodness girl, what a great story. You certainly have a knack for finding just the right words. You got me all teary eyed. Love the embossed texture of that box. It looks so elegant. So glad you were able to Snag it without having to knock him out and run for your life! hehe

  2. Mrs Noofy Says:

    What a lucky find! Don’t you lurve it when a plan comes together!

  3. Phyllis Says:

    What a wonderful bit of serendipity, so happy for you being able to reconnect with that bit of your childhood, it’s a glorious box. You painted a picture with words so clearly that I can see it in my minds eye. Thanks for sharing these bits of yourself!

  4. Suji Says:

    What a wonderful story… it brought a smile to my face and goosebumps to my skin. Just amazing how this box has come back to you, a rediscovered treasure.

  5. NormaJ Says:

    Awesome. Doesn’t it do your heart good, when something special hits it and you are all fluttery with emotion over it. I grew up with a beautiful little coffee table with a piece of dark rich blue mirrored glass as the top.
    The table itself was scalloped and carved along its sides and I loved it.
    I moved over 3000 miles away and there was the same table in a garage sale. The feeling swept over me and I had to have it. What is the chance of finding those treasures so many years later?

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