Day Ten-Cup of Flutter

One of the added bonuses of being a member of the Salvation Army is I get to spend a lot of time in the thrift store. (Doesn’t hurt that Lara is the warehouse manager!)

Again, that pang of nostalgia hit me when I saw this set of coffee mugs. When I was a little girl we had these same mugs. They hung on these wooden pegs in the kitchen.

I bought them to of course drink out of. Unfortunately, the handle on this one had been previously glued and it didn’t make it intact to my home. I was disappointed but decided the cup wouldn’t be bound for the trash.

The flutterby cup now holds water for when I paint.

I think it’s new home on my table fits quite nicely, don’t you?


One Response to “Day Ten-Cup of Flutter”

  1. Lara Says:

    see, now ya done it! folks are gonna think ya get preferential treatment or something, LOL!

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