The Button Winner!

a focus from everything to clothing lines, children’s books (Corduroy), jewelery, scrapping, crafting, quilting, sayings “button your mouth” and “buttons and bows and twinkle toes”, Song titles (Pussycat Dolls), Mother-goose nursery rhymes- Buttons, a farthing a pair!                                                   
Come, who will buy them of me?
They’re round and sound and pretty,
And fit for girls of the city.
Come, who will buy them of me?
Buttons, a farthing a pair!

me me me I will buy them and swim in them and play with them…

they really are a part of our culture, our heritage, our traditions

I love buttons and all they stand for me! My Grandma who inspired me to sew, my mother who taught me to sew, and who also taught me the love of crafting and showing me the path to my creative side and for encouraging me to express it. And because of these women and their buttons helped me find the strength in womanhood and a hidden talent in me……     Pinkprincess

Congrats, Pinkprincess! Please send me your address and the pretty buttons are yours! *you can pm me on Splitcoast if you like*

THANK YOU to everyone who shared your stories and thoughts. I appreciated reading all of them!


3 Responses to “The Button Winner!”

  1. pinkprincess Says:

    THANK YOU! So much I am so excited to see and use these pretties!!!!

  2. Mrs Noofy Says:

    Congrats..pinkprincess…….Lucky Duck!!

  3. pinkprincess Says:

    Thank You Mrs. Noofy! I am one of those souls whom hardly win!!!

    I got my BEAUTIFUL buttons even my children 6,4, 19 months sat with me and looked at each one with ecitment and oohs and aahs! I even kept the packaging so me!!! I felt like a pink queen that day!!!

    Thankyous x10


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