Day Fifteen-Inch Like An Egyptian

I kinda got this thing for Egyptian anything…

I love the culture, the art, the whole deal.

So here is a little inchie box that Deb Moon gave to me.  I store my punched out images that are some day gonna be an inchie-works in progress. The box has a piece of glass that covers the inchie I made(kinda like a picture frame). The background was some fabulous crinkly gold paper that I got from…..??

Do have an image box?


One Response to “Day Fifteen-Inch Like An Egyptian”

  1. Deb in Texas Says:

    haha You got me singin’ that song – “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Remember that girl band from way back – The Bangles? Oh wait, there’s even a dance too! (As Deb glides across the floor.) Check it out:

    Remember Steve Martin’s King Tut routine? Well, that was probably before your time. He’s just a wild and crazy guy –

    Ok now, (tryin’ to snap out of it) what were we talkin’ bout? Oh yes, I certainly do have inchie images in storage – way too many. Most of mine are stored in either plastic baggies or drawers dedicated to inchie supplies. I lurve your Egyptian image on display here – the gold background is kewl. Hey you could paint the whole box gold maybe? Now, go – – Walk like an Egyptian! snort

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