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Barbie Girl

May 27, 2010

“I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…..”

Hate that song, but I love Barbie.

I had tons of Barbies as a kid. The majority of my childhood was spent trying to fit her arms in those

teeny tiny arm holes and fitting little shoes on her feet.

The one Barbie thing I drooled over and never got was the townhouse.

Oh, man! How I wanted that thing. But I’m not too bitter….lol!

(not the best pic, but you get the idea)


And just a few more…

May 26, 2010

No, I am not obsessed with Nancy Drew, but I seem to find endless artistic inspiration with her.

My twinchie was the bad guys.

Now this one is a bit more personal….:)

The image of Stan Laurel  is pretty well known, but the other image is my daughter, Katelynn, ready to

play the part of a man in a play at school.

Who knew my pretty daughter could look so…..Stanish??

This was the first time I used the Tim Holtz movie reel ribbon stuff.

I have no doubt that it will show up in another project!

Dear Blog….

May 24, 2010

Dear Blog,

I bet you wondered if I abandoned you….it’s certainly has been a bit. Well, I haven’t. I have been creating, making, planning and dreaming-just like I always have.  I have taken pictures of my art and squirreled them away on my camera. I found inspiration from my friends, yummy new paper(because I am a paper junkie), a new magazine and visiting new places.

I am so happy to be able to sit on my porch.  I bought a new bird feeder to add to my collection and the kids bought me a new hummingbird feeder. I planted tomatoes with my Girl Guards and they are growing quite nicely. I hope to actually try my hand at some canning this summer. Allie and I planted flowers yesterday. The neighborhood around the porch is coming alive-kids are on bikes, neighbors are walking their dogs and I saw for the first time in years an ice cream truck. Music and all.  The air smells of fresh cut grass and something cooking on the grill.

So blog, as you can see, the porch is quite ready for friends and family to stop by and share some art. Scroll on down to see what I have been up to. There’s strawberry tea in the fridge….let’s have them over!



Dorothy gets all Zetti

May 24, 2010

You might think looking at Ms. Dorothy that I didn’t manage to incorporate a twinchie on this page but I did-I cut the twinchie in half and viola! it’s a roof!Do you see the tiny Glinda?

I love old calenders..all my images are recycled. 🙂

Heavy Metal

May 24, 2010

No, I am not talking about leather pants, big hair and some chick sliding around on the hood of a car….this heavy metal was about using metal on a chunky page.

This amazing piece of paper I used was from
Graphic 45.

I used every inch of this 12×12 paper on these pages!

I only had a few spoons and one fork. The lace on the fork reminded me of spaghetti.

The “sugar” on the spoon is clear microbeads. It’s so satisfying to use bits and scraps of vintage lace, trim and fabric. It was also satisfying to smash some china into pieces!

Can’t get enough of the chunk

May 24, 2010

I just wrapped up my most recent chunky book swap.

There is something so neat about coming almost close to an assemblage but still a “page.”

They were suppose to be a twinchie on a chunky, but I was a bit of a bad girl and(hanging head in shame)I found myself caught up in the design and well….the twinchie got “misplaced.” Glad it was my own swap! lol

Hopefully, those who received my pages won’t be too miffed that there are some without a twinchie….

What do you get when you mix Basic Grey paper, awesome images from and some turquoise German scrap?

My mermaid pages!

This mermaid page was mostly made from the Sassafras line of paper with a bit of Teesha Moore collage images. Some of the images are behind the glass of the microscope slide but the octopus-ish  hand is on top of the glass.

Mark your Place

May 24, 2010

So I gotta be honest….

When Lara said she was doing this bookmark swap, I wasn’t thrilled.

Nothing personal, but I wasn’t feeling it.

But sometimes art puts the scissors in your hands and just takes over! I ended up loving making these!

Hope you like looking at them as much as I did making them!:)

This awesome paper was out of Somerset Studio and the image of the boy is another scrap from the “I Wish I Had An Afro” book.  I have made so many pieces of art with that book and it still intrigues me. This one went to my dear friend, Phyllis.

This is the first of the three I made and by far my favorite. She is so haunting and beautiful, isn’t she?

One of the  guidelines of this swap was you had to use a paint chip somewhere on the book marker. I incorporated the jars that are on the bottom from a paint  sample/room example. Lara was the keeper of this one.:)

And last but not least, my domestic sewing diva. I used part of an old pattern I got at the thrift store and stamped on it.(Trust me, no one in their right mind would have ever wanted to make that ugly craft project that pattern was for!) The fibers at the top have a couple of metal bobbins that I put a small pics on both sides. This one went to Liz.

I made these at scrap/stamp weekend in Peoria with all of my friends…maybe they were the inspiration for what started out as a less than inspiring project!

Tasteful Nudes

May 24, 2010

Got a few ladies peek’n out here. These were for Joyce’s swap. The idea was a tasteful nude in a window.

A little peek a boo! I can’t get away from using printed text–I think I am addicted!