Can’t get enough of the chunk

I just wrapped up my most recent chunky book swap.

There is something so neat about coming almost close to an assemblage but still a “page.”

They were suppose to be a twinchie on a chunky, but I was a bit of a bad girl and(hanging head in shame)I found myself caught up in the design and well….the twinchie got “misplaced.” Glad it was my own swap! lol

Hopefully, those who received my pages won’t be too miffed that there are some without a twinchie….

What do you get when you mix Basic Grey paper, awesome images from and some turquoise German scrap?

My mermaid pages!

This mermaid page was mostly made from the Sassafras line of paper with a bit of Teesha Moore collage images. Some of the images are behind the glass of the microscope slide but the octopus-ish  hand is on top of the glass.


2 Responses to “Can’t get enough of the chunk”

  1. inkthisstampthat Says:

    These are fabulous! I’m certain no one will mind the missing twinchie. There’s so much other goodness there instead!

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Wonderful! I love the way the colors pop, they somehow look familiar to me 🙂 I should have joined this theme, I keep finding myself buying mermaids!!!

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