PAT twinchies

Been awhile since I have done PAT (pick a theme) art but I have been enjoying doing!

This is my Barbie themed twinchie…you may notice a bit of a resemblance to my Barbie chunky page….

I have gotten my use out of the free flier from the Children’s Museum. (Thanks, Judy)

This is for Liz-hope you find her “simply naughty”

How can you resist art by Gil??


3 Responses to “PAT twinchies”

  1. Deb Moon Says:

    Great set, Beanie. Love the Pom fringe and fibers. You’re lucky to have such great images. I have to do those themes too. Me and Barbie have been struggling. I’ve changed my mind lots of times – trying to behave. hehe So glad I can misbehave for Liz’s theme. LOL You’ve set the bar high for both. I shouldn’t peek. It messes me up. LOL

  2. Norma J Says:

    Love them. You managed a lot of detail for a twinchie. You have set the bar high girl, as Deb said.

  3. Jan Larson Says:

    I love these! I have somewhat of an adult obsession for Barbie because my mother would not let me have one as a child. I grew up with a Tammy doll. Of course, as soon as my oldest daughter turned three she got a Barbie from Grandma. I guess the “boob” thing doesn’t apply to grandkids.

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