The porch is alive!

Spring has flowed into summer and the porch is looking alive with flowers, birds and veggies(yes, much to Pat’s dismay I planted tomatoes in what really is a flower bed in the front-hey gotta go where the soil is good!)

These were a fab thrift store find-a chipped teapot, cups, a bent spoon

and a tea ball makes for a lovely setting don’t you think?

Clematis and lavender, two of my favorite purples!

This is an old picnic basket that, frankly, didn’t fair

so well in the shed. I don’t think the flowers seem to mind though. 🙂

new  hummingbird feeder from the kids for Mother’s day

Gerber daisies just make me happy

And last, but not least, my tomato plants. And an update to this photo, I have tomatoes starting!

(Hmm, is that Belle’s butt I see on the porch?)


2 Responses to “The porch is alive!”

  1. Deb Moon Says:

    Oh, the teapot layout is wonderful – so inviting! Looks like a photo right out of a magazine. Love all the flowers – especially the purple. That color is something else! Love all of your ideas. This is what makes a home!

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Oh girl, this is all so lovely, the Clematis is my favorite, what a waterfall of color!

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