altered tins

Whew! These are done!  Talk about a challenge!

These are for my Meerkat group: 3 altered Altoid tins with 6 glass

pebble magnets, any theme.

I started out by painting the tin a “limonade” green acrylic paint and then embossed the stamp(Tim Holtz). The watch and gears were added.

One side of the key says “look” and the other side says “see.”

The name or theme of this tin is open the eyes of my heart. The metal piece around the big eye is another watch part–can I say a wonderful ebay investment!

The inside of the tin is done with alcohol ink.

This one is Father Time.I won’t even tell you how many tools of mine I bent disassembling this watch! Mercy!

But I got it and they are adhered to my stamped and embossed image.

More stamping and embossing…more alcohol inks.  A little tip…metal gets REALLY hot when you emboss on it!  Be careful!

This one is Under the Boardwalk, using Graphic 45 paper. I used white spray paint for the base and then used some distress inks for color.

Check out these handsome dudes! Think they were picking up chicks on the boardwalk? hee, hee 🙂

My favorite pebble magnet-think it’s weird and cool.

This is the front border that goes all the way around. I used 4 shells for feet for this one.

And last-something I don’t often do-make one for myself! I am going to give this one some dice feet. (the project didn’t require the feet thing-I just decided it looked cool so each one has feet from different materials.

Here’s the inside. This one was a little trickier-I alcohol inked the inside of it like I did the others and the colors were just wrong so I mixed a little white spray paint and swirled it around in the tin and came up with this purple-ish color.

In all, challenging, but pretty happy with the outcome.

Hope whoever gets these likes them!

Can’t wait to see what others have created!


4 Responses to “altered tins”

  1. carla aka scrappypug Says:

    these are just gorgeous!

  2. Sue Allen Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful job you did. These are very special and I am sure whoever gets them will adore them! Great job.

  3. Diane T Says:

    Gotta say, Beanie, your altoid tins blew me away!! What awesome work! And this would also be why I had to withdraw from the swap since I could not get my tins to look even half as interesting 🙂 Bravo, my friend. 🙂

  4. Phyllis Says:

    Good grief! You killed this one Bean, so glad I didn’t embarrass myself by posting my lame attempts. You shine!

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