Aww, honey!

My chunky page for the OPI swap

This is “no bees please”

Yes, that is a little tiny bottle of real honey!

Burned the crap out of my fingers doing this one-to get the honey in the bottle I had to get it hot.

My favorite part of this page is the tag on the honey-Bee Barf!!

My paper is BG here- not really honeycomb shapes, but I think it works.

The drips of “honey” are made with the sepia glossy accents.

I used Tim Holtz stamps for this one-aren’t they the bees knees? 🙂


2 Responses to “Aww, honey!”

  1. Deb Moon Says:

    Get outta town! This is awesome!! I’m wild over this one, Bean. You’ve really outdone yourself – again! LOL That paper is perfect! I’d love to see that bottle up close. And that hand stamp – Wow! You enabler you!

  2. Loretta Says:

    Wow, Dena, that’s a tiny bottle! Nice touch. Hope your fingers are okay, what we don’t do for art….

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