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For the frig

July 27, 2010

These magnets are for Joyce’s  “Calling All Cooks” swap.

She only required one magnet, but as I started making these I found they looked cute in a set.

All of these were made with vintage images from a 1948 Ladies Home Journal and Women’s Day magazines. (a favorite of mine for images!)

Kinda looks pixilated-the images in real life aren’t at all. Is that not some gross combo’s with peanut butter? lol I think the one is pieces of dates…yuck.

Sorry, kinda lied-these are from an old canning pamphlet for making jams and jellies. I used pop dots to give it a bit more dimension.

These are the first ones I did and probably my favorite! If I can get another set done, I might just keep these for MY frig! The ad in the magazine showed the background ravioli resting on a bed of peas…..totally gross looking!  I had to to cut the peas out of the image, made me a little ill! 🙂

Realized the corner came up on one of the inchies-it has since been fixed!  I don’t think you will catch my husband wearing my aprons!

Kinda hard to see in the photo, but my hula girl’s skirt is made from banana leaves my brother in law brought back from Haiti.


Ah, Venus

July 16, 2010

ATC  #2 for the OPI swap

This is “Venus Di Violet”


Beets Me

July 8, 2010

Here’s my first atc for my OPI swap.

The name of this one is “Don’t know….beets me!”

The little children on the beet are workers harvesting beets in Colorado.

I have no idea if these are children on someone’s farm or if they are child labor.

Don’t know…beets me!

Isn’t the Tim Holtz tissue tape cool? The whole card is beeswaxed, not sure that comes through in the photo.


July 8, 2010

I struggled with this theme of outhouses…then it hit me!

I got in my head this proper, prudish looking lady taking a trip to the outhouse

and in total denial that she would make it smell like that..

Hee hee, hope you like Gertrude!

This is the outside…

and the inside! 🙂

Two Over the Moon

July 7, 2010

Ah, the pick a theme….

It will make you rack your brain, drive ya a little crazy,

but in the end, creativity wins and a twinchie is made!

These two twinchies are for Deb Moon, who chose the

themes “Dr. Ruth” and “Vintage Appliances.”

Now the vintage appliances-easy peasy.

But Dr. Ruth? Seriously? Dr. Ruth?

I got this condom idea in my head and couldn’t shake it.  I made my poor husband go to the bathroom at a gas station and buy me a condom for the twinchie. Well, guess what-when you buy condoms out of a vending machine they are in little rectangular boxes, not square! Who knew??  So, I went to Big Lots and bought a box of condoms so Dr. Ruth would have a place to “hang her head.”(hee hee)  The back is really a separate twinchie. I was searching  for Dr. Ruth quotes and came across this one.  I literally laughed out loud! Who compares sex to sweet corn? One thing lead to another and I thought,”I wonder if they make corn shaped vibrators?” Well, by golly, they do!!  The                  Cornbrator! Again, I say, who knew??!

Little Red Wagon

July 7, 2010

Trying to decide which to keep and which to swap.

Rarely do I make one to keep for me. 🙂

the front

This is the back of the second one…

Does this look koi?

July 6, 2010

I couldn’t resist buying this koi fish die cut from K and Company

and use it for my OPI nail polish swap.

This is “don’t be koi with me”

Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2010

A few inchies to celebrate those who have served and protected this great nation!

Thank you!

My Senses

July 3, 2010

It’s almost one a.m. and I am sitting at the computer at the kitchen table, sipping on decaf coffee and feeling guilty for eating something I shouldn’t have.  It’s quiet. Very quiet.  For twelve-ish hours I have been on sensory overload…monitors beeping, people talking, the phones ringing, the clank of charts being put into the metal rack and the thud of them being placed in the wooden racks. The quiet feels good right now.

I am truly amazed by what and who God has put in my path in one shift in the ER. I pray every time I come to work and I get almost to the door,”God, let me be your hands and your feet, and let my heart guide them.”  I hope I was a faithful servant today.

As an artist, and I hope that isn’t too lofty of a title to give myself,  I am aware of my senses– smells, colors, sounds, textures. As I sit here in the quietness, I think about all of the stimulation my senses received today. I would be lying  to say that all of the sensory input in the ER is pleasant-quite the contrary. Not many people start their day with the smell of urine and feces that needs to be cleaned off the obese woman from the nursing home. She has come in today because the two inch deep bed sore on her back from not being turned is bleeding. It smells disgusting in the room. And she knows it too.  She is relieved to find that she is met with kindness here and recognizes that her care isn’t easy. She tells me that she loves me. And in that moment I believe her.

“Let me be your hands…”

Visually, the ER has quite a bit to look at.  Some days it reminds me of the fair–everyone comes out. Why, it’s a family event! And while we don’t offer cotton candy or a funnel cake , we apparently have the most irresistible chips and pop, because EVERYBODY seems to need a snack after you walk through those sliding glass doors, especially if you have abdominal pain. And just like the fair, you see all walks of life.  There is the feisty 80 something year old that is sharp as a tack and smells of some wonderful perfume.   A pregnant girl waddling down the hall.  A forty year old man panicked and in pain because his heart is beating 160beats per minute.

But I have to tell you, the majority of the patients I “see” are the ones that most people (and nurses) would rather not have to deal with–our psychiatric patients. I have been nicknamed the “psych whisperer” at work because it is my favorite group of patients and I handle them well. I am fascinated by some of them–like the man who is schizophrenic, smiling ear to ear in a goofy way, insisting that he be called Bondservant Holyman. He is homeless, roaming the countryside and frankly, blissfully happy in his little world. I offer him a lunch tray, a pair of hospital slippers and a pack of wet wipes to “freshen up,” which he politely declines. Life seems pretty simple and matter of fact to Mr Bondservant Holyman. He is discharged and all that he leaves behind is a pair of dirty blue hospital slippers, from some previous ER visit.

I also pity some of them-so tortured in their own minds. How can I ever begin to help a man who is covered himself head to toe in a blanket, like a shrouded mummy, refusing to eat the food his sister brings him because he is convinced that the cooler has a bomb in it ? Or the woman who can’t turn the voices in her head off that are telling her to kill herself?  How do I serve the least of these?

Tonight of all of my senses, my sense of hearing was the most worked. I sat in front of my computer, much like now, hearing the sounds of crying. So much crying tonight and all of it at once. There is the  family wailing in grief because their 24 year old overdosed and died,the four year old crying in pain as he gets an IV after a dog bit off his upper lip off, the mother sobbing because her newborn quit breathing and she has already lost one child to SIDS… Crying, crying crying. I see how people go crazy during times of war.

But alas, the clock finally reaches that magical 11:15pm and I get to turn in my phone, no more call lights.

Was I your faithful servant, God? Did I show compassion? Did I use my mind and use the skills I have learned?  I hope so. I thank You for the opportunity to give, to ease someone’s burden.

For now. I am enjoying the quiet.