Two Over the Moon

Ah, the pick a theme….

It will make you rack your brain, drive ya a little crazy,

but in the end, creativity wins and a twinchie is made!

These two twinchies are for Deb Moon, who chose the

themes “Dr. Ruth” and “Vintage Appliances.”

Now the vintage appliances-easy peasy.

But Dr. Ruth? Seriously? Dr. Ruth?

I got this condom idea in my head and couldn’t shake it.  I made my poor husband go to the bathroom at a gas station and buy me a condom for the twinchie. Well, guess what-when you buy condoms out of a vending machine they are in little rectangular boxes, not square! Who knew??  So, I went to Big Lots and bought a box of condoms so Dr. Ruth would have a place to “hang her head.”(hee hee)  The back is really a separate twinchie. I was searching  for Dr. Ruth quotes and came across this one.  I literally laughed out loud! Who compares sex to sweet corn? One thing lead to another and I thought,”I wonder if they make corn shaped vibrators?” Well, by golly, they do!!  The                  Cornbrator! Again, I say, who knew??!


3 Responses to “Two Over the Moon”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I hardly know where to start! Love the pink appliances with the laundry hanging, so clever! As far as the Dr. Ruth twinchie, I want to know what you googled to find the Cornbrator …. Bwahaaahaaa! Nut case!

  2. Deb Says:

    OMG, no you didn’t!!! Dr. Ruth is a riot!! I like how your mind works Missy. hehehe Hope DH didn’t mind the condom he had to fetch from the men’s room. Love that quote. And Cornbrator? bwahahaha!
    Dr. Ruth would be proud! hehehe

    Now that pink washing machine is Sweeeet!! the clothes line.
    This is a great trade. Can’t wait to get my hands on these! By the way – – that washing machine is going in my laundry room!
    Big hugs! Thanks Dena!!!

  3. carla Says:

    Omg that is too funny re sending hubby in to buy a condom. LOL love both of these… so creative!

    ~ carla (scrappy_carla on scs)

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