Beets Me

Here’s my first atc for my OPI swap.

The name of this one is “Don’t know….beets me!”

The little children on the beet are workers harvesting beets in Colorado.

I have no idea if these are children on someone’s farm or if they are child labor.

Don’t know…beets me!

Isn’t the Tim Holtz tissue tape cool? The whole card is beeswaxed, not sure that comes through in the photo.


3 Responses to “Beets Me”

  1. carla Says:

    ohh another fab one. I love that tissue tape.. I just got some by mail this week..will have to experiement.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Love the tissue tape, just picked up some at Archivers. The children are so evocative, and nothing gives that vintage look quite like beeswax, lovely work, as always!

  3. inkthisstampthat Says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!! I gotta get me some of that t!m tape!

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