For the frig

These magnets are for Joyce’s  “Calling All Cooks” swap.

She only required one magnet, but as I started making these I found they looked cute in a set.

All of these were made with vintage images from a 1948 Ladies Home Journal and Women’s Day magazines. (a favorite of mine for images!)

Kinda looks pixilated-the images in real life aren’t at all. Is that not some gross combo’s with peanut butter? lol I think the one is pieces of dates…yuck.

Sorry, kinda lied-these are from an old canning pamphlet for making jams and jellies. I used pop dots to give it a bit more dimension.

These are the first ones I did and probably my favorite! If I can get another set done, I might just keep these for MY frig! The ad in the magazine showed the background ravioli resting on a bed of peas…..totally gross looking!  I had to to cut the peas out of the image, made me a little ill! 🙂

Realized the corner came up on one of the inchies-it has since been fixed!  I don’t think you will catch my husband wearing my aprons!

Kinda hard to see in the photo, but my hula girl’s skirt is made from banana leaves my brother in law brought back from Haiti.


2 Responses to “For the frig”

  1. marilyn Says:

    What a great set of magnets… I love them.

  2. carla Says:

    These are just fabulous! Love them all.

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