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The Sawka’s Gone Egyptian

October 25, 2010

This where you could find the Sawka clan(or at least some of us)this summer-hanging out on the Nile at our Egyptian Vacation Bible School at church. It was so fulfilling to put in the countless hours making props, art for the walls and watching it all culminate to the kids coming and hopefully experiencing God’s love!


A challenge to me

October 25, 2010

I love stamps and I have a good amount of them in my stash, but I gotta say, they challenge me more than anything in my art. Kinda silly, huh? I bought this stamp the weekend of CHA and finally used it. The stick pin thing…it’s a Tim Holtz embellishment and I find they are really fun to use!

Black and White

October 25, 2010

Hope ya all aren’t sick of the moos yet-’cause I got more!

Tammy had sent me in a random envie swap a few pages of an old year book. I had a good time looking at the pictures and assigning them personalities and stories based on the photos. When I see this trio I think of some boys who could get into serious mischief!  I also thought it  would be cool to incorporate a cigarette! Wasn’t sure if mod podge would work on it without making it fall apart but it did!

I think her face is so serene…

Kinda cool…the background for the previous pic is the other half of this one. I did a lot of Asian for this swap.

Angelic isn’t she?

Been awhile, huh?

October 12, 2010

Geesh! Seems like life got in the way of me posting what I have been doing!

Poor excuse, huh?

Well here are my moos I have been working on and will be mailed off in all different directions!

Kinda obvious this is my Asian group.:)

And these are the “things that fly”….

I tried to recreate the idea of a bra or slip strap