The Alice Tree

This is the Alice in Wonderland tree I decorated for the festival of trees here in Danville. I kinda learned taking pics of this that it is harder to photograph a tree and really get the full effect.


9 Responses to “The Alice Tree”

  1. Suji Says:

    Simply gorgeous!!! The shoes are a brilliant touch!

  2. Susie Dally Says:

    Perfect! I knew it would be spectacular. I like the tree “skirt” the best-the May Janes are a stroke of genius!

  3. Deb M Says:

    Oh my goodness, the details are fantastic! I love working with a theme, don’t you? Lots of love went into this I can tell.
    The skirt and shoes Rock!

  4. Sue Allen Says:

    What a fabulous tree. Those Mary Janes look like my old tap shoes! LOL What an incredible amount of work you did.

  5. Plain Jane Says:

    What an amazing tree! I think I see TONS of handmade ornaments (?) – what a bunch of work. I love the hat topper and the tree “skirt” — too funny!

  6. Diane Says:

    Gorgeous tree, Dena!!

    Love all the cool details that make this tree priceless.

  7. Phyllis Says:

    Same as everyone else said, I’m just slow, but that crinoline with the shoes sticking out, IT IS ALICE! You are phenomenal!

  8. Jan Says:

    Clever, clever! Everything is so special and very well done.

  9. Judy Says:

    This is reeeeeally neat! I’ve always wanted an alice tree! Maybe i’ll try it for next year. I can make all my ornaments and use the few i have from my childhood. Thanks for the inspiration! HUGS

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