Drum roll please!

I just wrapped up my OPI round 2 swap and

I wanted to show everyone the winners in each category.

There were twinchies, atc’s and chunkys.

In case you don’t know what OPI is, it is a brand of nailpolish that

comes up with some really interesting (and witty) names. For this

swap folks needed to use the name of the polish as inspiration for their art.

(not necessarily the nail polish color)

And I am happy to announce that the winners are……

In the category of  twinchies the winner is Deb Ramsey! Loved this twinchie for two reasons:

it is Alice in Wonderland paper by Graphic 45, which I love, and she combined it with

a darling little charm. Good job, Deb!

Next is the atc category. The winner for this one goes to Eileen Sterba!

The subject of coffee is a favorite among people who make art and I have seen a lot

of cards done with that theme. What makes this card stand out to me is the texture of the coffee

and the fact she chose such a strong close up of a face to use as the base of the card. Very cool!

It sort of reminds me of the cover of Lord of the Flies…

Awesome, Eileen!

And our last group was the chunkys. This one was hard. I liked so many of the chunkys.

I finally narrowed it down to this chunky made by Kathy Ferris!

Sort of like the coffee theme, Asian themes are popular. What

put this beauty over the top for me was the rich colors, fantastic embellishments

(lov’n those pins on the ribbon!) and her neat execution of the card.

Bravo, Kathy!

Thanks to EVERYONE who played! Very nice groups!!



2 Responses to “Drum roll please!”

  1. Deb M Says:

    Congratulations to all three. I especially like the coffee ATC. Love the cool face on that one.

  2. Plain Jane Says:

    Wow! These make me sorry I had to sit this one out 😦
    Congratulations to the winners… I love all of them, but I have to say, Kathy’s Asian chunky is A-MA-ZING (as always)!

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