Hoodoo Voodoo

This was my contribution to the OPI swap. The subject of voodoo I found to be a bit creepy, but interesting subject matter to make a chunky out of. It seemed too expected to make a voodoo doll, so I looked for other voodoo related items to compose the card from.

The wooden little skulls are once again from my Deb Moon donation! (not sure what I am going to do when those run out?!)

this is the front

and this is the back.


2 Responses to “Hoodoo Voodoo”

  1. Deb M Says:

    Wow Bean, what a great chunky – even the backside is interesting. I didn’t know if I was looking at flat paper or a 3D frame. Isn’t it funny how those silly skulls seem to have different “expressions?” LOL

  2. Cameldiva Says:

    You spend so much time mulling over your work and the staggering amount of details really shine through. Captivating!!

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