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Hitchcock Halloween

March 31, 2011

For years family and friends have been nudging me to submit some of my artwork to Somerset Studios and see if they would publish me. When New Year’s resolution time rolled around I decided that this would be the year I wouldn’t just say I was going to submit some work, but actually do it!! When Somerset called for “A Hitchcock Halloween” I knew this was the project for me to do. I have my fingers crossed that Somerset will like this and publish it. But even if they don’t, I really enjoyed the process of making this piece.

I used a sewing pattern tissue paper to print Alfred on and decoupaged him onto a egg I bought at the Salvation Army  thrift store. I paid a whole dime for the egg!

I also paid a dime for the wings. They were a clearance Christmas ornament that was originally gold and I painted them black.

The nest is lined with black feathers, gauze stained with black and brown ink and beads on the edges. Of course, there is also my favorite little wooden skull tucked in there too. (I swear I am gonna cry, Deb, when I use these all up!)

A little orange and black alcohol ink…

A little warning hanging from the finger….

A little better view of the image

And last but not least the skeleton hand…

I picked up this hand at a wonderful store called Dallas & Co. They sell costumes, party supplies, magic stuff, etc. They really have an amazing variety of Halloween stuff. I was so grateful when I went to the store looking for a hand (how weird does that sound??? lol) and they graciously dug through last years Halloween stuff and found me this hand.  It was perfect and what I envisioned in my head–how often does THAT happen? 🙂

Cross your fingers for publication!


Nursing Bookhouse

March 31, 2011

Here is another bookhouse. I hate to even admit how long this one took me to do. I started off with a bang, decided I wasn’t crazy about the color(too dark) and I set it aside for a LONG time….

It bugged me to death that it was sitting half done and finally decided to bite the bullet and finish it up.

Once I started adding this and that it kinda grew on me and now I feel pretty satisfied with it.

The two lovely ladies here are Florence Nightingale and Clara  Barton.

The old medicine box was a must have because of the date on it…August 8th…my birthday!

Doubt it shows up in the pic but the paint I used has a faint amount of glitter in it.

This is the top of the word house…Isn’t that tube of eye ointment cool?? The images are from the book and I used an old pharmacy advertisement measuring tape. The little syringe on top is an antique as well. I don’t know for sure what it would have been used for because there is no way to attach a needle. (At least that I could figure out.) I still thought it was pretty neat.

This is the back. These are old containers used to hold balms and salves.

These are the nursing sisters on the sides. I used a collage sheet from ArtChix Studios.

This is the other side of the top.