Nursing Bookhouse

Here is another bookhouse. I hate to even admit how long this one took me to do. I started off with a bang, decided I wasn’t crazy about the color(too dark) and I set it aside for a LONG time….

It bugged me to death that it was sitting half done and finally decided to bite the bullet and finish it up.

Once I started adding this and that it kinda grew on me and now I feel pretty satisfied with it.

The two lovely ladies here are Florence Nightingale and Clara  Barton.

The old medicine box was a must have because of the date on it…August 8th…my birthday!

Doubt it shows up in the pic but the paint I used has a faint amount of glitter in it.

This is the top of the word house…Isn’t that tube of eye ointment cool?? The images are from the book and I used an old pharmacy advertisement measuring tape. The little syringe on top is an antique as well. I don’t know for sure what it would have been used for because there is no way to attach a needle. (At least that I could figure out.) I still thought it was pretty neat.

This is the back. These are old containers used to hold balms and salves.

These are the nursing sisters on the sides. I used a collage sheet from ArtChix Studios.

This is the other side of the top.


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