Inchies! Inchies! Inchies!


I can finally upload pics again!

I had misplaced my usb cord that connects my camera to the computer.

I know, hard to believe I could misplace something with my desk!

The inchies here are the 100 inchies I swapped with Susan Thompson, the fabulous Suji.

While I have swapped more inchies than I can count, this was the first time I have ever swapped 100 with one person, which means no duplicates!

oops..gypsy luck is upside down!


5 Responses to “Inchies! Inchies! Inchies!”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I’ve never felt jealous of someone’s inchie swap, until now, OMG how fabulous these are!

  2. Deb M Says:

    I feel a little jealous too. LOL Mouth-watering inchie goodness!! Why didn’t I think of the idea of a private inchie swap? LOL Thank you for sharing. These are wonderful.

  3. Plain Jane Says:

    Holy cow, girl…these are stinkin’ wonderful! You and Suji really can fit a lot of good stuff in an inch!

  4. Suji Says:

    I am a VERY lucky girl! These inchies are so wonderful. I will treasure them always!!!

  5. Diane Says:

    You truly are the INCHIE queen! They are all gorgeous!

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