Pennant Race

I guess it isn’t really a race-I have until January to finish these!

This is a GREAT size to work if you haven’t tried it.

The only “rules” to these are the need to be vintage in theme.

These are all finished EXCEPT the one with the pattern girls. I am stuck with the embellishments. Not sure what I want to do. I would love some suggestions to get the ball rolling on that one…..:)

I LOVED this image…it’s Norman Rockwell and his family. Even the family dog made the pic! I used Grapic 45 on the background images.  If you click on the image, you can see on the tip of the pennant is the definition of family.

Like a lot of crafters, I have a ton of rub ons that never seem to get used. Well not on this one! The camera, directors thing(what are those called??) and the background embellishment on the left side are all rub ons. The bottom paper is TH.


This pistol packin’ sister is from this great book I got at the thrift store. The pistols are courtesy of Ms. Deb Moon.

and this is the close up of the top…I thought it was kinda hard to see…

And last, but not least, the one I need help with…the pattern girls.


3 Responses to “Pennant Race”

  1. NormaJ Says:

    These dresses look 1960ish. The style was covered buttons, big belt buckles, pearls, neck beads. That was the style of dress I wore to work.

  2. Deb M Says:

    Would ya just look at this girl go!! These are fantastic! I’d be torn if I had to pick a fav. You’re killing me!! LOL

  3. Judy Says:

    I just love those! On that one with the pattern girls i’d probably use a paper measuring tape, covered buttons, that type of thing. Now i want to try one! LOL

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